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An updated edition of the book A Life of Inner Quality

An updated edition of the book A Life of Inner Quality is posted in the Books section. A Life of Inner Quality, translated from the Thai by Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu, is a guide for integrating Buddhist practice into daily life, drawn from talks that Venerable Ācariya Mahā Boowa gave to groups of lay people from various walks of life. For this edition, fragments of a talk entitled “Nibbāna is Nibbāna” have been added to make this collection more complete.



Photo gallery updated

A number of new photo albums are now posted in the Photos section. These photos illustrate record Forest Dhamma Monastery’s development over the past year, beginning with October 2014 and ending with November 2015. Most of the albums show successive stages in the construction of the main Sala, which is now nearly completed.



New audio now available

A number of new audiobooks are now posted in the Books section. For each book, you can download the whole audiobook as a ZIP archive by clicking on the new icon (pictured at right), or listen to individual chapters in the player below each title. You can listen to readings of our entire catalog of English language books. In addition, there is now an audiobook for the Vietnamese translation of Mae Chee Kaew, as well as the French translation of Arahattamagga Arahattaphala. The Thai section has also been updated with audio collections for each book of talks. Enjoy!