Spiritual Purpose

The goal of the Forest Dhamma program is to make it possible for serious practitioners to transform their hearts and minds and become living examples of the Buddha’s teaching to practice generosity, moral virtue and meditative development for the benefit of all living beings. To accomplish this, the Forest Dhamma program provides an intensive approach to meditation practice based upon consistent and long-term formal monastic training and guided systematic practice integrated into the course of everyday monastic life.

The Forest Dhamma program is a model of practice based on the virtues of renunciation, strict discipline and intensive meditation. It incorporates the training elements of commitment and accountability, including a schedule of morning and evening chanting plus meditation periods, annual 3-month meditation retreats, regular private instruction from the teacher and training in all the positions associated with the care and operation of the monastery.

To turn our vision into reality, Forest Dhamma Organization has established a fully functioning Buddhist monastery that will directly support the continued growth, expansion and deepening experience of the formal monastic practice represented by the Thai Forest Tradition. Our monastery has the potential to provide a framework for authentic and engaged Buddhist training and to become a center for the nurturing of the Dhamma for future generations. We are striving to introduce the public to the lifestyle of Buddhist practice and the practical application of Buddhist meditation techniques in daily life. To that end, we have created the facilities necessary to provide for our Buddhist training activities.

Fulfilling an important part of our Spiritual Purpose, Forest Dhamma Organization has begun publishing its Dhamma books in the United States, thus ensuring a smooth transition in the realization of our intention to make inspirational Dhamma teachings of the Thai Forest tradition available for free distribution.